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09-10-2013, 09:13 AM
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So now that my head is cleared from the week 1 meltdown.. Here are my observations on the New York Giants.

The Passing game is going to be very explosive, you simply can't have enough DB and Lbs to cover all the weapons the Giants offense possesses.. Cruz, Nicks, Randle, Myers, and Murphy is even a deep threat in a game.. If the OL gives Eli some time to throw, he's going to be able to pick apart almost any defense because you simply can't cover everyone.

The Running game... The important thing here is to NOT overreact from what happened with Wilson in week 1. The guy fumbled in his first game last season as well, and then sat on the bench as the Giants couldn't run the ball for God knows how long only to be re inserted towards the end and not fumble one time and average over 5 yards a carry week to week. The back up being Darrell Scott however is a serious issue.. If Wilson were to get hurt, Scott is your starting RB, that simply can't happen. The Giants need to bring in a vet RB (Mcgahee, Turner) in case Wilson gets hurt and someone who can pound the ball in on the goal line. I think we've seen alot from Jacobs and he's simply not the guy to get the ball into the end zone on the GL.

The linebackers... As usual, the Giants Linebackers are awful, so there is nothing new here.. Reese really needs to get with the program and start to draft or sign some quality LBs. I know he feels all that matters is "getting to the QB" and that's why he values DE's, but we need some sort of talent in the middle.

I thought the defense overall played very solid.. The giants secondary was much better than I thought it would be, it was the Linebackers trying to cover Witten (who again torched us because of that very reason) that really hurt the team. Prince is a stud DB, Ross and Thomas both played well in their 1st games back.. the DE's started to create some pressure on Romo towards the end when needed the most, and that was with a JPP that nots fully healthy, no Damonster Moore, among others. Overall I believe the Giants DE and DBs will be fine this season, LB is still a huge concern.

The Giants turned the ball over 6 times and came within a TD of beating the Cowboys in Dallas.. The Giants will simply not turn the ball over that much this year (actually no team will). Therfore the Giants offense is going to be very tough, if the D plays like it did in the 1st game, I believe the Giants will be just fine.

Back to NY for a tough game with the pass heavy broncos, should be a great one, and definitely a shoot out..

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