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09-10-2013, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by OccupySouthBroadSt View Post
Again the fact that Hextall is meh on Gagne should say something. He's not showing deference and shouldn't. He saw Gagne in LA and knows that Sutter benched his butt so he is probably giving Holmgren some good insight on why there might be better options which is not limited to rookies but also other unsigned veterans.
Per Meltzer below.....was my speculation as well...

So now that Hexy and Holmgren put a fork in DFF's and other's baffling Gagne lobbying effort...this debate can finally end. Of course, the Cleary debate is just beginning....should be interesting.

Having said this, my argument all along that Gagne wasn't the fit some thought he would be has played out. Even if Cleary is overpaid due to his market value and he will be slower to the least he'll battle in them and not be a periphery player like Gagne who was afraid of contact and injury. He has more jam than Gagne..more a fit with the Lavi's and Sutters of the world...

Appreciate Gagne's service to the Flyers but his ship has sailed...

There is also a host of trickle-down effects of the Cleary signing. First of all, you can just about forget the possibility of the Flyers re-signing Simon Gagne. It could be argued that Cleary is a better stylistic balance to the aforementioned line combination and somewhat less of an injury risk than Gagne. However, despite being in decline as an offensive player, Gagne is still the more gifted offensive talent of the two. Both are responsible two-way players.

At least in terms of public vibes, it seemed like the organization had more interest in re-signing Gagne right at the end of last season and then the interest cooled off over the summer. I cannot help but wonder about the input Ron Hextall may have had in internal discussions with Paul Holmgren. Hextall got to see Gagne's entire stint in Los Angeles firsthand. In comparing his observations with Holmgren's, it is possible that the two agreed that Cleary was a better fit to the team's specific needs if they could get him. This is strictly my own speculation, of course.

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