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09-10-2013, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
That's the nature of the draft, guys. You don't always get everyone you want. The Habs gambled Pageau would last one more pick, and he didn't. You win some and you lose some. In any case I don't think we missed out on a superstar here...

Anyway I tend to agree with Monctonscout. If we had Pageau on this team all we'd be talking about is how we need to get Pageau off this team.
I know. I said it. We lost. People should stop to be defensive and pretend as if I or some of us mention as we're the worst scouting group in the NHL. I don't have that avatar 'cause I find him cute....

Monctonscout's point is pure nonsense. Some said that Dumont will have a chance to be in this team based on the fact that Parros might not be ready. Some think that Andrighetto might surprise and push to make this team. Lot of people loved their smaller kids at camp....Who wants them out? How the heck is Desharnais now the FACE of smaller players? We want to trade the bad Desharnais, the one from last year.....but when he was doing great with Cole and Pacioretty, please remind me who wanted him out again? Oh and we don't need Gallagher too....If the 4-5 smaller guys we have are pure quality, how the heck can we be opposed to that? I keep wanting bigger guys myself 'cause we did have too many smaller non physical kids. But the key is the it goes 360, and you think people only want to draft 6'3'' guys and up.....

Based on the draft alone, we passed on Pageau and drafted Archambault....not that size played that big of a role in this anyway...

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