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09-10-2013, 09:51 AM
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That game was a disgrace. 3 turnovers on the first 3 possessions to start the game. Couldn't execute anywhere (they even missed a FG within 40 yards), and then the one guy who was actually performing had to leave the game because they think he might have been concussed.

Kerrigan always plays well against the Eagles, but unfortunately, Vick always lights up the Redskins. He didn't dress in any of the WSH/PHI games last year and the Skins swept the series.

Chip Kelley's offense was as advertised, but they were on the field a lot on account of the Redskins offense giving the ball back as often as they did. I think their early game point surge had more to do with the sheer amount of opportunities they had than the offense being hard to deal. I mean, yes, they made a lot of plays, and they put up a lot of points, but they were also constantly on the field because the Redskins kept giving them the ball back.

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