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09-10-2013, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by boo10 View Post
Not completely true. A mouth guard will absorb some of the kinetic energy from a direct (Straight on) impact to the lower jaw, lessening the concussion causing brain-rattle. Having said that, most concussions are from side / rear impacts to the head, which a mouthguard will not help prevent. The spirit of your post is correct, but technically incorrect.
Here's the thing. If you search for "do mouthguards prevent concussions", you will get a very conclusive 'no' from all sources that you find.

A concussion is caused by the brain hitting the skull. If you're skating at 10mph and run into something that causes your skull to stop moving, the brain is going to smack into the skull at 10mph. It doesn't matter if the mouthguard absorbs some kinetic energy, the brain still has go from 10mph to 0mph by hitting the skull. Even a full helmet isn't really going to help.

Maybe if you're standing still and someone pops you in the jaw it *might* reduce the acceleration of the skull but there is no medical evidence that a mouthguard reduces concussion chance or effects.

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