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09-10-2013, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by GG1962 View Post
I truly think the proble with LSL this year was the intention was to introduce the league as an Elite team, but the message that was conveyed was that it was an ELITIST team. The message was never conveyed that this was supposed to be the best iof the best - only the best money can afford. Make if affordable - make it realistic - bring out the best of the best and let them easrn a spot. Going back to PW-BB to bring more kids out and messing with the heads of 11-12 year olds is not right. Hard dates should have been set - and maintained. PW-BB starts in 5 days, and rosters are still not set. Mickey Mouse presentation - Mickey Mouse results.
Even if your definition of ELITIST is granted your two bolded comments contradict each other.

Specifically hard dates and early, immediate selection dates represent ELITIST programs as defined by you. Yet the process you describe has remained open to all to the last possible moment. By your own admission the rosters are still not set.

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