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Originally Posted by Bonzai12 View Post
Alright...Have been using a One Piece Innovative Hull stick for the past year. Fell in love with how light, Wippy, and the curve it had on it.

Bad thing. Once the wear and tear Finally takes its toll on the stick, you find yourself having to buy another complete stick, which if your going for another one piece ranges from 120 and up.

The Blade on the Innovative got very thin, and ended up going to Peranis Hockey World earlier today. My Plan was to go in and just buy a Blade by Warrior ( Used to be Innovative), and just cut off the blade of the one piece. But after really thinking about it the stick wouldnt have the same kick point because i would have to turn the stick over to put the blade in.

Ended up coming to a fine conclusion, buying a Two piece ( Shaft and Blade). Bought a CCM Vector V 6.0 Shaft for 60 Bucks, and a Warrior AK27 Draper Blade for 40 bucks today. After playing and getting used to the Stick and Blade Combo for 6 Hours, I have my new Favorite Weapon.

At First i was skeptic about getting the 2 piece, thinking it might be a bit Blade heavy, which i really cant stand while stick handling. But with the AK Blade (159 Grams) and the Shaft, I really didnt feel much weight difference betweent the 2pc. and the Innovative.

Like another Poster said earlier, Go with the 2 Piece. Really allows you to try different Blade Patterns, as many have their own Preference as to how they like to shoot. I myself Have always used a Wood Stick or a One piece. Way to many Sticks i have gone through. But now Find myself

CCM Vector 6.0 Shaft.

AK27 Blade by Warrior

This will open up a Page and to the right will tell you alot about Blades, Shafts and Sticks... Will Answer alot of questions.

Good luck man, and hopefully you find the stick you really feel comfortable using.
Actually Bonzai unless it was an Innovative True One OPS you could have pulled th eblade out at the fuse point and re-used the shaft. Could have bought the Hull tapered pro stock blades and they would have fit right in and you would'nt have know the difference. Only reasont o filp the stick would have been to put a standard blade in and theres no point in that.

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