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09-10-2013, 11:57 AM
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I understand your point, and maybe mine was a little vague. My point is that SIL should have (from day 1) advised people that they were going to go after the best in the region. There must be some valid reasons why kids were "cutting themselves" down to BB - maybe the message was wrong and the elitist (who could afford anything between $1500-$4500, depending who you talk to) believed their spots were more secured as people dropped out.
With SIL now searching out the "best of the best", they are trying to correct a wrong. The people that have been there from the beginning figured they were "almost there" - and now the rug is being pulled out from their feet. They were not aware. I don't care about the parents - I still care about the 11-12 year olds that are getting mixed signals.

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