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09-10-2013, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Imlach a cup View Post
Those factors have 0 to do with him having a spot on the roster. He earned his spot last season with an excellent Q performance. His eligibility for free agency? That's not even close to a roster spot discussion. The reason hr has a spot on the roster (I mean besides the fact that he has a ton talent) is because the only other option the Sabres have is to send him to Quebec to play in a league he dominates under a brand new coaching staff, a less than ideal situation. If he played all of last season in the Q guess what, he's still in the same position this year. Grigorenko's roster spot has a vast percentage more to do with Cabadian junior rules than any other factor. You wanna be mad about "omg he shouldn't be free agent so soon," fine I can't stop you, but it has nothing to do with him not being allowed to go where he should be.
Sorry but the fact that he's not eligible for his contract sliding this year absolutely is a factor in where he's going to play. The Sabres are highly disincentivized to send him back to the Q, regardless of his play in camp, since he uses up a year of his ELC regardless.

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