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Originally Posted by ChipAyten View Post
Not trying to incite a flame war here but having an event of this stature and prestige in a Muslim country is not a good idea. Qatar is in the middle of the world's most volatile region, a place where people are killed and cities are burned down over cartoons. I could only imagine the things that may go wrong. And what if Israel were to qualify? Oh and there's the weather. NO WINTER WORLD CUP! The world football calendar is built around club competitions in the winter.

It's still well enough in advance to change the venue. The only reason why FIFA probably will not is because they've already spent their oil money bribe money. The US came in second in the voting and should be awarded the event, the US has the infrastructure for. The game is slowly growing and by 2022 it could be the event to galvanize a generation which makes it top the NFL, who knows.
You're off a ledge if you think professional soccer will bypass NFL ratings.

The MLS is arguably the 10th-15th best professional league in the world. I am a huge soccer fan and happy to see it growing, but the NFL is just above and beyond any sport in America.

The World Cup is the biggest sports event on the planet. But there is just absolutely no way that MLS will takeover the NFL anytime soon.

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