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Originally Posted by ChipAyten View Post
Things change my friend, times are fluid. There was a time when nobody believed the Roman empire would fall. Only 20 years ago MLB drew more then the NFL did. Football has experienced exponential growth in the states in recent years. The MLS from top to bottom is probably on par with the Eredivisie. It was a slow start but as children are being born into the footy culture and grow up with the sport more and more American talent will flourish, with it the ratings will follow. Soccer is slowly losing its label as a sport grade school children are driven to by their middle class suburban mothers on weekends, a novelty and cliche of sorts. Athletic children today are being pushed further and further to play soccer as a first choice when they'd otherwise be pushed to basketball, baseball or american footy and leave soccer as sort of a pickup activity occasionally.
And what, football is going to stop growing? Honestly, I like soccer more than football but it's not even arguable that the MLS is nowhere near the top Soccer league in the world. Anyone who is a fan of the sport watches La Liga, EPL, Bundesliga, etc.

Sure, Americans are attending MLS games more and more and that's great to see. But Americans have always been a spoiled nation who wants the best of the best.

A sport that is led in America by the at best, 8th or 9th best league in the world, is not going to outdo a league that gives you the best.

All the other 4 major american sports are the #1 leagues in the world. MLB, NHL, NFL and NBA.

As more fans become exposed, soccer will certainly increase, but until our league is established outright as the best in the world, it will never outrank that of the NFL.

The true fans (like myself) will flock to the EPL on Saturday mornings, or LA Liga on Sundays. I can honestly say, I consider the AHL a comparable to the MLS.

I like your passion, but your argument is so far off base.

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