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Originally Posted by optimus2861 View Post
That is the wrong word to apply to your idea, I'm afraid. As preseason games, the players will definitely be in "take it easy" mode, not "game on" mode. Owners will also be reluctant to risk injuries to their top players on such games and may just sit them out (wasn't there one of the NHL/Euro exhibition games where some Euro players took runs at NHL guys to 'make a name' for themselves?).

I just don't see how you make the players give a damn about these kind of tournaments, or soothe the teams' fears about possible injuries. The Olympics only work because they're the friggin Olympics. Everything else is going to feel like second fiddle to many if not most NHL players & owners.
I just want to start by saying my ideas are just slight modifications of events that were already in place. if you guys arent familiar with Champions Hockey League, Victoria Cup & NHL Euro Premier, google it. in theory great ideas but marketed and executed poorly. my idea sinply combines the 3 into one flowing series of events with more meaning behind them.

It would be meaningful too. Not like a Stanley Cup, but the NHL team (Stanley Cup Finals loser) would play the Champions League winner for the Victoria Cup. This would be a sort of redemption for the NHL team, a fresh start on a new season after having lost in the Stanley Cup Finals & a way to prove they are a great team by beating Europe/KHL's best (Champions League winner).

I wouldn't have a problem with NHL teams sitting their stars out & NHL teams be in preseason mode since it is the preseason. However if the NHL teams are starting the season in Europe too, I'm sure they will try to ice their A squad to get them prepared for the start of the NHL season. By offering a prize, making the Victoria Cup a big deal to start off the NHL season & present it as an event like the Wonter Classic, and by having the NHL premier start the season in Europe, the players would have an incentive to perform since the world spotlight is on them & the season is starting.

I think the main concern with the previous Victoria Cup was marketing. It was presented as a 3rd rate event where most people to this day, even hardcore hockey fans, have no idea what it was. Also they cheapened the whole thing by having the CL winner playing a random NHL team like the Rangers. This is an insult to the CL winner and the NHL too, as the NHL team probably treats it as a meaningless joke. Having the SCF loser play the CL winner to open the NHL season with the spotlight on would solve this problem and make it a real game & a real event.

I understand there are worries of euro players going after NHL players, but some kind of endowment should be in place to avoid cheap shots and just have some good clean & competitive hockey. Also, if an NHL team is worried about a European team doing damage to its players than I would worry deeply about that team when they face off against NHL competition.

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