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Originally Posted by Fitzy View Post
I know a lot of Americans who simply don't feel the same passion about a team they can't be a season ticket hole for, in their geographical area.

Trying to improve s a league is one thing, but an emphasis on best of the best is overhyped. If the NHL was the 10th best league in the world I'd still watch it just as passionately, same for the NFL. Americans will not only support the best league, because in soccer there is no such thing. Americans just happen to like sports that few other countries have as much talent/interest in.

I'm not sure how you could definitely say that, since you are not posed with that position.

I could agree that if every league we had in the US was third or fourth best, that would change things.

However, as americans, we are given the best of the best in our major sports and even trickling down to other things like Tennis, Golf, Etc.

I don't believe that in a country where we have the best leagues in 4 major sports, or 3 + the NHL, however you choose to look at it, that a sport that is led by arguably the 10th best league in the US will become more popular than the NFL, etc.

Tickets are cheap still, I can get Red Bull tickets for like 20$ along with a poster and some food included.

The average price for the Giants Cowboys game was something like 250$ at face value.

Soccer has an insanely long way to go and saying that it could potentially overtake the NFL in ten years is just absurd.

Also, adding onto the fact that the MLS doesn't attract the best players in the world, it can't even keep the best US players.

Dempsey and Donovan are in the US to finish their careers. But Altidore, Bradley, etc are overseas playing in the better leagues.

Are American fans really going to follow a league ad sport as passionately as the NFL if our own citizens choose to player elsewhere.

No one would be happier than me to see the MLS attract all the star players and become the EPL, but it won't happen anytime soon. And due to it being a second level league (i'm being generous) it won't overttake our top sports here.

People can afford to go right now, it's a good family outing and in these crappy financial times, it's a nice way to get out and see some good players play a game. It's completely different from the way that the NFL, MLB etc profit off of their leagues.

American soccer is not even in the same stratosphere as our top leagues.

Unless the growth of the sport is jettisoned by a world cup win or something, it will continue to grow, but in no way will come near the NFL within ten years. i

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