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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
But who knows right? The example you provided with the Oilers and their high-ranked prospects at the time of a rebuild is proof that rankings aren't everything. I will say that the Oilers were lucky to have an owner that wanted a rebuild. The Flames owners pushed it off and consider it unacceptable as far as we can tell.
Brian Burke players LOVE playing for Burke, and Burke will gladly take a bullet for them. He gives and receives a lot of loyalty from his players.

Lowe on the other hand does not. He burns many bridges, has even go so far as demanded money back from players who requested trades, and often is very pushy about getting players to play while injured.

Calgary will obtain better free agents because of that. Calgary will also develop a better team culture because of that. Despite what anyone says about Burke's ability as GM, not many (if any) of his players have anything BAD to say about the guy. The same can't be said for our gong-show management team.

Im sure that Calgary will build a hardnosed lunch-bucket team that will outwork us on a regular basis. And we'll likely see them competing with us for the playoffs in 2-3 years.

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