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09-10-2013, 06:56 PM
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Now, look I respect everyone's opinion, but you're posting misleading information here.

Landon Donovan has been here the vast majority of his career including his prime. He had successful stints at Everton, they wanted him, but MLS's asking price was too high (close to 15 million for a 28 year old)

Dempsey is still a top 3 player on the USMNT. Only Bradley has a legitimate claim to be superior. He is 30, and one season removed from his very best, so suggesting he is here to finish his career is a bit different than a lot of players. Hes a staple on his national team and has a world cup coming up.

Fact of the matter is, 2 of the best 3 USMNT players play in MLS, and this is a league that is in its 17th year. How in the hell can you expect a 17 year old league with no historical fanbases to so quickly overtake European leagues with 100+ year of history?

The only way for the league to improve is to support it. If you're ignoring MLS, you're not only hurting the future of the USMNT, but you're contributing to the quality problem.

Incidentally, I enjoy supporting Arsenl. But I'll never feel the same level of affiliation with them. Plus 3/4ths of the fanbase hates all Americans. Makes me feel a bit unwelcome.

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