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09-10-2013, 09:17 PM
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Truth is, many of us were saying a few years ago, we would be in the playoffs before Toronto.
Infact, many on this board were parading that around the time they jettisoned Seguin and Hamilton for Kessel.

Then the Leafs got into the playoffs before we did. WELL before we did. Infact, I don't see us getting in this year, while they're still on the border.

I don't think our rebuild is going as well as expected. We're doing it OPPOSITE of 'Net Out'. We're building our team like the Atlanta Thrashers... (Heatley/Kovalchuk era)

The reason I bring this up, is Calgary is positioned to rebuild CORRECTLY... From the Goaltender out. Knowing Burke's track history, he will nab some large and nasty Dmen, and depth players. Then he will very likely swing a deal for a franchise #1 Dman. Even if it does cost him a piece of the future. Then he will swing a deal for some solid top end scoring to compliment a roster of grit.

He has a tendency to build teams the opposite of the Oilers rebuild, and that method IS a lot faster.

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