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09-10-2013, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by aufheben View Post
And you call my argument a joke? If he didn't deserve to be on Team Canada, surely they could have found someone else better. 'All the man has done is lose' and then you go on to say that hockey is a team sport. Do you not see the contradiction there?

When his team wins you give all the credit to the team; When his team loses, you blame it on him. I'll give him a pass on the playoffs for these reasons: Shortened season. Almost the entire team had a crappy postseason. He hardly has any playoff experience. He might have been injured. The guy is also our only goalscoring threat; The opposition's defense can focus entirely on him.

Nash is the least of this teams problems.
I never said he didn't deserve to be there, I called it a joke that you want to attribute that medal to him in particular. My point was that if you swap Nash with someone else that team very well might go on to win it all anyway.

The reason for thinking about that that way is that generally the "Nash Rule" is that whatever team Nash is on is a loser. So we have one exception to that rule. Now this can mean one of two things. The rule is a bad rule, or there were some unique circumstances which were able to negate the rule in that instance. You contend the former, I contend the latter. There is way more evidence to back up my POV than your POV. It's far more likely your theory was a fluke than my theory was a fluke.

As for your new points, they're pretty bad sorry to say. Was Nash the only one who had to play in a shortened season? Then why is he the only one who gets to use it as an excuse to play like dog poop? Almost the entire team had a crappy postseason. Like Dick Cheney once famously said when confronted with the fact that almost everyone disagreed with him, "So?" Nash is supposed to be our BEST forward by far. Look at that contract, look at what we gave up to get him. He should be held to a HIGHER standard than the rest of our skaters, not the same or lower one. And it's a bit of a canard that the whole team sucked in the playoffs.

I've almost finished tearing apart your that point, but to finish let me bring in your next point and kill two birds with one stone. He has hardly any PO experience. Neither did Brassard and yet he was incredible in the playoffs. Down goes the whole team sucked argument as well as the lack of PO experience argument. Next.

He might have been injured. Yeah, no. He wasn't. Get over it. He said he wasn't, he hasn't had major surgery. The team hasn't said he was injured. He wasn't seen limping or in a cast or sling or brace. This is rationalization at its worst. Completely outside reality.

He's our only real goalscoring threat during the reg season as well. If he wasn't going to be able to be the only real goalscoring threat we might as well have never traded for him and just went in there with DEPTH! What's the point in trading for a selfish goalscorer who doesn't use his teammates if he can't score goals when he's the biggest threat?

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