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Originally Posted by 1UP View Post
Problem with Stock is that it doesn't matter if you watch Hockey in english or in french, he's always there!

Plus if you have an Antichambre episode with Gagnon and Stock, even if the Habs won 7-1 against a powerhouse team with no injuries, they're bad/lucky/don't have particularily good hygiene.

Add to that the Baron and Gaston Yress...

Is it just me or is there just a massive lack of knowledgeable, skilled, young journalists willing to work for RDS or CBC? Or are they just tossed aside in benefit of the old guard? I can't, for the life of me, believe that there are no young, talented, massive fans of the game that could liven up the sports media world, either in french or in english...
That guy is so bad, I mean he should'nt be allowed to talk one word about hockey, the others clowns brings arguments, he just bring crap.

We have to remember that hockey is an entertainment and the ''journalists'' are part of the show. I mean it seems they follow a wrestling kind of pattern with heels and faces guys. The again peoples want to be entertained, so they go with the guys that bring reactions, good or bad and makes peoples talk about the show, not some good rational thinking. They also have alot of old players (something that the crowd seem to like, because of credibility and some nice stories it bring), but thoses guys aren't always good evaluators, scouts or managers and sometimes they says very emotionals things. Also, some guys that were in a official managing role in hockey are sometimes too out of touch of the reality of today's NHL that they doesn't bring that much. Also, every of theses guys have to follow the line created by the channel. That pretty much sums up why it such a bad level of journalism.

Then again it's about an entertainment, I'm much more frustated when I see uniformed, biased journalism talking about social issues, politics and finance.

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