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Originally Posted by KingCanadain1976 View Post
and why is that a problem ? I think it is a ton more exciting and with the travel by air not being as big of a deal now a days. Most travel is done by private jets if not they can always travel the next day. How many overtime games really go that far very few. Im willing to bet 90% will be done in one period. Maybe if it goes more then 3 ot periods then call it a tie? Why would the pa have a issue with it ? I think your creating more issues then there is.
Of course 90% only go one period. As such, 90% of the time it wouldn't be a problem.

But for those 10 per cent, you are looking at about one hour per period. So if the game ends at 10 pm local time, add in three hours for OT, it's 1:00 a.m. by the time the game ends. Pack up, get dressed, head to the airport, get on the plane, leave, it's likely 4 a.m. If you play again the next night in say Winnipeg, you're likely not even in Winnipeg until 7 a.m.

You'll be missing practice time guaranteed, and likely not getting a good rest either.

It affects the quality of the game, and as I said, there's little chance the PA is going to support it.

Think about it, if playing until someone wins in the regular season was a good idea, wouldn't the owners have done that years ago, before there even was a PA?

A limit needs to be set. Especially in physical sports like hockey. It's likely why football has a limit as well, just they reach it very rarely.

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