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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Of course 90% only go one period. As such, 90% of the time it wouldn't be a problem.

But for those 10 per cent, you are looking at about one hour per period. So if the game ends at 10 pm local time, add in three hours for OT, it's 1:00 a.m. by the time the game ends. Pack up, get dressed, head to the airport, get on the plane, leave, it's likely 4 a.m. If you play again the next night in say Winnipeg, you're likely not even in Winnipeg until 7 a.m.

You'll be missing practice time guaranteed, and likely not getting a good rest either.

It affects the quality of the game, and as I said, there's little chance the PA is going to support it.

Think about it, if playing until someone wins in the regular season was a good idea, wouldn't the owners have done that years ago, before there even was a PA?

A limit needs to be set. Especially in physical sports like hockey. It's likely why football has a limit as well, just they reach it very rarely.
Well first of all out of that 10% i would say another 90% of the games would finish before the 2nd period would end. So we re talking maybe 1 % of the games going more then 2 ots.
ok I looked at the kings schedule this year lets look at the back to back games for a min
at min to winnipeg not more then a hour by plane
at coyates to sj another hour and half flight
at nyi to the nj hourish bus ride if that
at la to ducks
at mont to toronto 1ish
at ottawa to chicago 1ish
at chicago to dallas 2ish
at boston columbus 1pm boston start
at sj to coyates
at colorao to calgary
at edmonton to calgary 1hour
at philly to washington
la to sj

Im looking thru this and the longest trip i see chicago to dallas which i think is maybe 2 hours. I would also like to say this season is more compact then a normal season do to the olymipics with the extra 2 -3 weeks we could eliminate alot more of the back to back games.
Practice time really thats up to the coaches but i dont think teams need to practice as much as you do one or two times a month optional isnt going to hurt a team.

Quality of the game seriously i think they would suport it if the league would also up the number of roster spots from 23 to 24 maybe 25 for resting players in this situation. If ot was really this bad for them as u think they would also be against it in the playoffs. How can they be for it there and not in reg season.

You bring up why was it not done before well travel back in the day was by train and they had things called town curfews for games. In this day and age travel is alot easier then it was back then. Things called private planes make leaving alot easier then it was before you can leave whenever u want. Also the league wants to pander to the fans that like things like shootout there are a fair amount of them. Not the hardcore older ones like myself but alot of fans do, If u need proof of that look no further then having it in the rookie game no matter what the score is. A limit is fine make it 2 periods hell maybe even just one full period as i figure that would take alot of the ties out. I think playing it to a finish would make it alot more exciting and worth it for fans to go home with a clear winner and providing more entertainment imo .

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