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Originally Posted by PIM View Post
Well to an extent, sure. He's not Stamkos, he's not Tavares, he's not Crosby, and although it's a bit early to hedge bets, I'd say he's not McDavid either. I am a Stepan fan, so don't take this the wrong way, but a player of his caliber is not the type of guy you build a team around. He's solid defensively and he makes smart plays, but he doesn't make an abundance of brilliant plays like those truly elite talents do. His skating and lack of toughness is a concern, as it is with Tavares, but Step also doesn't have JT's ridiculous combination of hockey IQ and execution.

I think Step's a great player, but when or if it came down to a kid that's called the next Crosby in McDavid and has the results to back it up to this point, it's a no brainer. It's also not like Stepan is surrounded by elite talent either- even if we had that ace, the team as-is really just doesn't have the signs of a winner. In 11-12, we worked and hussled our way to first place and the ECF's because of team heart and character, not talent, or anything close to what a guy like Stepan could offer even in the future.

Management obviously wants to go in a different direction now, since they picked Rick Nash over Duby and Prust, and that's fine. But in that kind of system, Stepan is not going to be a guy that brings us to the promised land, at least without a serious injection of elite talent, imo, some of which could make Stepan himself expendable. Sorry for the rant to anyone who read this far.
I'm just going to agree to disagree regarding Stepan. You're entitled to your opinion of course, but that's not really the point. The Rangers are a win now team, so Stepan is exponentially more valuable than the chance that they could get a pick that would end up being McDavid two years from now. This is not a rebuilding team. Would McDavid be a nice addition? Sure, but he's not helping any team for at least two years. Who really knows what the team is going to look like by then?

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