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Originally Posted by Johnyrocket View Post
Not like a Stanley Cup, but the NHL team (Stanley Cup Finals loser) would play the Champions League winner for the Victoria Cup. This would be a sort of redemption for the NHL team, a fresh start on a new season after having lost in the Stanley Cup Finals & a way to prove they are a great team by beating Europe/KHL's best (Champions League winner).
I get what you're saying.. I just don't think the NHL team in question would care. Redemption for an NHL team that just lost in a Stanley Cup final isn't winning an exhibition tournament in Europe. It's getting back to the Stanley Cup final and winning it this time.

North American professional hockey culture places the Stanley Cup as the sport's Holy Grail. Every other hockey competition on the planet, with the possible exception of the Olympics, pales in comparison to it. You tell a team that's just lost the Stanley Cup that they can redeem themselves by going to Europe and you'll get blank stares in response, maybe a few dismissive snorts. You can't change that by making a marketing push.

I guess I should disclaim that: some players will care, the ones that will always go to the World Championships if their team misses or is eliminated from the playoffs. That's a distinct minority of players though.

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