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11-18-2006, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by bleedgreen View Post
i find that it is more important to continue playing more than it is to have played a lot beforehand. i played a lot before and it helps, but i find that referess who do it a lot get an attitiude that seperates them from players, and they forget what its like to be a player. i think every ref if they are still able should keep playing, even if its a crap level. it can do wonders for a refs attitude and game management, imo. its tougher to talk down to a player, when a ref did it to you a couple nights earlier.

i agree a tough skin is pretty necassary, especially in the lower levels. everyone in intermediate levels thinks they know everything and want to test you, everyone who really knows what they're doing sits back and waits for you to hang yourself. when talking to coaches, just say what needs to be said, dont over explain.

if youre aiming for a higher level, its helps to have played. reading a rule book is a lot different from using it. "game awareness" is pretty important, and its easier to attain if you played. having said that, if you didnt play a lot - experiencing a lot of reffing is the only thing that will catch you up. ref everywhere you can as much as possible. being the guy who always shows up on time and never flakes will get you further than you know.
Agree with this. I stopped playing when I was 17 (that's when I started reffing). I was a good ref to start with from what I heard..but that's not the point...I did have an attitude problem and i knew i did with players/coaches (nothing too serious that got me in trouble, but even I noticed it). I started playing again at 19 in 2 adult leagues and I feel since then i've become even a better ref now that i know again how it feels to be a player and how to relate to players/coaches who complain. I try to explain every I can, even if it means to take time in the game, most refs won't in my organization but now I have no problem with it. If they understand where i'm coming from and how I saw it they usually drop it and understand.

But playing IMO doesn't really matter to some refs and definitely isn't a must.

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