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09-11-2013, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by EspenK View Post
I'm not a cap rocket scientist (as in most areas) but with the current contracts, short of a trade, isn't about the only option for cap relief to send down Aaron Johnson? Somewhere I think I read that only salaries less than a mill can be buried. Is that right or can some of the $1 million guys go too?

As a Jackets fan I wouldn't mind Stepan missing a few games but with the Rangers a fave since childhood I'd like to see him play.

I don't see how he gets any long term big $ deal so it looks like a bridge to me.

Has there been any discussion of a 1 yr deal since the Rangers have cap space galore next year? Could be risky to Stepan if gets hurt or has a bad year but lots of upside there if he has a good year.
Sather would have lowballed Stepan anyway. In fact, the lack of cap space is leverage for Sather. If he were to trim some of the fat on the roster than the ball goes back to Stepan's court. Sather will move guys like Johnson, Pyatt, etc. after a deal is reached.

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