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11-18-2006, 07:32 AM
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But what we are forgetting here is that minus a couple of bad games Denis has been very solid in goal. The Habs won the other night because Huet was incredible, not because Marc was bad. He got no goal support because Huet was so good. Sometimes you just run into a very hot goaltender. The Habs loss had more to do with poor PK than anything else. I think calling for Marc's head at this point is a bit premature.

We actually have a really good situation in Tampa as far as goaltenders. Denis was brought in to be the guy and we were not sure (coaching staff included) if Holmqvist would be able to handle the NHL game. What the current streak that Homer is on has shown that we have two guys that we can go to on any night. That is an awesome situation for us right now. I don't think anyone feels not confident with Denis in net, but they sure look more confident with Homer in there. Believe me, it is a much better situation than we had all of last season with two guys that couldn't stop volleyballs. Homer let in a softie last night but after that it looked like he was picking asprins out of the air.

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