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09-11-2013, 02:06 PM
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NOOOOOO. And here I thought MacT had progressed from the days where GMs thought face punchers should actually take a roster spot. He said so many positive things in his interviews about wanting players that can play the game. I am hoping this is just a PTO or some wild rumour.

Enforcers have almost no role in todays NHL. They cant play hockey, cant score, cant defend. All they do is dump the puck in, give up possession and punch some faces once every couple games.

Have we not realized that enforcers dont really "protect" the skills guys or scare of other goons from going after them. Its such a stupid logic. Goons and pests love two things. A) To hit skilled players B) To fight. Getting an enforcer doesnt prevent A because the other guys love to do B.

The biggest deterrent is scoring on the PP. If your PP can make them pay, the opposing coach will staple the goon to the bench, and your skilled guys wont get run.

Bring in 4th lineplayers that can either score, prevent goals against, or do a mix of both by driving possession.

Despite what Don Cherry screams in your ear every saturday night. Enforcers are dumb, waste time on the ice and waste of a roster spot.

Plus they have Mike Brown, who is pretty bad, but less horrible than most face punchers

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