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09-11-2013, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Paralyzer View Post
Fitness is step one to bringing a mental compete level. Once the players get that they need to stay fit, they will realize that they can do more than they did before which increases their confidence level. Then once the confidence level kicks in, the mental compete level will come right behind it. I remember when I started working out, I was surprised how little pushups I could do. Once I kept pushing myself harder and harder, I gained more confidence and gained a more competitive edge.
Agreed too, but again, these are professional players. If they need to be "scammed", "advised", "coerced" into staying in the utmost shape for your NHL career, then that's a problem.
You're talking about Motivation. Which should be absolutely paramount on a team trying to prove themselves, much less a professional athlete. That's also red flags if not rectified.

Case in point, after watching Behind the B (Boston Bruins version of Oil Change), the management brass describes Tyler Seguin as not playing, or buying into their system, not working on the things they asked him 3 years ago, and "babysitting".

I just want to see him talk about motivating the players to play harder. That's a true leader. Too much of this fitness crap right now. Let's see how hard Hemsky forechecks, let's see how hard our defenceman run a guy on the boards, let's see Ryan Jones actually finishing a bodycheck that isn't a light rub.

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