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Originally Posted by Vipers31 View Post
There's a name I didn't expect to see on this board ever again.

I can't imagine his play ever being at a level where it was capable of falling off a cliff, and I know he did show a fair bit of improvement over here. He just wasn't anything special before. Well, he still isn't. He improved a good bit, but not beyond a point where he's still a depth guy in the German league (on a contender, but probably elsewhere, as well). Kind of puzzled how he got an NHL-deal in the first place. He doesn't have a considerable offensive game or the skillset for it, and isn't much more than average on the defensive side, either, but at least some more potential in that area.

Still, I don't think you can blame him for anything (as - intentionally or not - implied in the play deteriorating), as he's not lazy. It was probably just a misplaced gamble by the Wild on him at some point just having his genes take over and turn him into a far better player than he ever really indicated. Maybe the Wild were short on draft picks in 2009 and thought signing him at 18-years old (must have been some exception for him to be eligible to sign in the first place) somewhat made up as a project defender.

The Wild probably just need the contract-slot finally. But it was relatively obvious there was no foreseeable NHL future for him for quite a while.

If he still is, that's certainly kept incredibly quietly. I really don't think there's much involvement left with the team or the new coaches after he left to take the job with Cologne. Either way, Krupp senior is realistic enough about his son's performances, scratching or periodically assigning him to the minor-affiliate in Germany's 3rd league, so the national team isn't anything to worry about for Krupp jr. He's a long way away from being at a place where he would get consideration even as a favour to his dad.

Bjorn Krupp or Krapp as i like to call him, three seasons i volunteerd for a local cable company filming all the belleville bulls home games, i endured Krupps entire tenure on the team and his absoulte **** play / defensive laspe's. Honestly the most ineffective and ****** players i saw in that time. His Father Uwe has no strings left to pull, hes the one who got him on the bulls (serving in an exuective fashion for the team at the same time)

He already got him into the Del which was a shocker, and that draft to the Wild, i was full blown floored however knew their was a 0% chance he ever played in even the ahl.

he was a -68 in 3 seasons in the ohl scoring 2 goals... its a complete wonder how his professional career has even gone on this long.

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