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Originally Posted by jadeddog View Post
it's just BOGGLES MY MIND that athletes who are making millions of dollars a year and who are 100% dependent on their bodies being in top physical shape for their massive paychecks, don't all pay the $30,000-40,000/year it would cost to have a private chef make most of their "at home" meals

the team provides meals at the rink and on the road, so that is easy enough to eat healthy, it is at home that must be a bigger challenge... players don't know how to cook and they are busy with other commitments, so I understand why they don't cook at home on their own a lot... getting pre-made meals for at home that only need to be heated up would cost no more than $40,000/year, and that is likely on the high side now that i think about it... you could probably get most of them handled for around $20,000 or so actually

its crazy that all the players don't do this.... it's even crazier that the oilers don't have an "on-staff" chef that takes care of all this for the players... maybe the oilers DO have such a person, but i've never heard about it
I'm pretty sure the Oilers have a chef that cooks for the players, but it's only at Rexall and if the players don't hand around in the players lounge or whatever it's called then it doesn't matter. I remember them talking about nutritionist as well, but again it's really up to the players. Pretty hard to convince Hall that he should drop KD when he does what he did on the ice last year.

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