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09-11-2013, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Pressure View Post
Fack, I know right? It seriously boggles my mind. I stay in shape right now for my rec/comp teams that I pay to play, it shouldn't be hard to eat healthy. I think it's because these guys are so used to do this their whole life, and they've got this far on it, they don't feel the need to change up the routine? or they're just lazy momma boys.
I know one thing, I would DEFINITELY have a dedicated chef if I was a pro athlete, that's not even a question. $40,000 is probably quite a bit. I mean all the guy has to do is come in once/twice a week and premake all the meals.

Oilers need to make this happen for all the players right now.
You've heard of the concept of Personal Responsibility right?

The Oilers players themselves should get their own chef. Especially since each person might have their own personal requests for food types, cuisines, allergies living in different locations in the city or outside the city.

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