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Originally Posted by Sheeshta View Post
Regular fat people get fat because they have a daily calorie surplus from eating "poorly". A 20 year-old kid playing full time in the NHL (or training full time for such) could eat five big macs a day. They're not competing for Mr. Olympia & trying to get 6% body fat needing to eat four pounds of chicken breast or white fish a day. They're athletes. They need a lot of calories, period.
I can't even begin to describe how wrong you are. There is a very, very, very big difference between good calories and bad calories. Hell, there is a massive difference between different types of *protein* calories. To get even crazier, there is a huge difference in how those different types of protein calories react to your body depending on when you eat them, and how many of them you eat at once. Carb calories are even more complicated than protein calories.

The above post is unbelievably ignorant of sports nutrition.

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