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01-14-2004, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Overtime
The only player who seem mutinous is Roenick with his comments about Hitchcock. He always softens what he says with additional comments like "but we deserve it". He still gets his digs in. Its how he stays out of trouble.

Its pretty funny how it is coming out now that Hitchcock didn't beat up on Gagne and Williams for not scoring. He encouraged them and told them to do other things well and the goals will come. You have to wonder then why Roenick said what he did. Revenge? Hatred for Hitchcock? Trying to stir up trouble? I don't buy the big brother looking out for the kids act. I'm sure I'll take some flak for that and some will be swearing up and down that Roenick has a good heart. Whatever.
I think he feels he is suffocating offensively and throws the young guys in the mix to deflect his own personal frustration. If he cared about them the way he would have us believe he would do more on the ice to help them. He should try being a leader instead of a soloist.