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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
The basic trouble here is that Hervey and Reed are reactive individuals that have a lot of burning fire and desire.

The latter attributes lend themselves reasonably well on the football field. But why anybody would think such hotheads make good managers is beyond me. These are exactly the type individuals I would choose NOT to work for most every time.

People that can't control themselves in boardrooms can't, and shouldn't be running things in a company they don't own.

The Hervey statement, then retraction ends up being silly, because it indicates that Hervey acted out of hand, and was taken to task, and had to retract. Guess what happens to credibility when that happens.

Lets be clear here too. This is the one instance we all see. I think with confidence we can think that this nature of thing is going on behind doors quite a lot.
See Kevin Lowe.

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