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Originally Posted by ReppingMTL View Post
Hey! I just did COMM 215 in the past winter semester with Sami Lee. To be honest, it's a hard course and requires work. Up until the midterm, I never practised but luckily I found out about SOS tutoring, the tutor (Marco) literally saved my life. From a guy that knew fuc* all, I came away with a 77 on the midterm. I didn't have the money to do it again for the final ,so I actually started studying. What I suggest, if you're willing to, go on CASA on FB and ask to but people's SOS Midterm and Final boos for like 10-15 each. After you get it, review by reading, the book, then the class notes and lastly the SOS book. I stayed on top of my game and came away with a 84 in the final. To be fair, it's a hard course and I suggest actually doing it in class, but if you just give yourself about three hours all week, you can be in very good shape.

But man seriously, SOS just gets to the point. I learned all the material in their six hour crash course better than 7 weeks of in class. Also, if it's your first time, it's free, so don't waste it. LOL, reading this makes me look like a rep for SOS but I'm really not.
Anyways, good luck. It only gets harder for us Accounting Majors!
Haha yeah, I did SOS for 217 with Marco. Unfortunately I was so behind that even that didn't save me, but yeah I can definitely back SOS, i'll probably be there for at least the final. I decided to go with the online and attend Lee's class (she coordinates the online as well) every so often because I've heard good things about her. Luckily, I'm a marketing major, can't wait to get done with all the numbers classes haha

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