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09-12-2013, 03:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Corncob View Post
How does that stop Orr 'going after' Bourque when you don't have Tarnasky on the ice at the same time as Bourque?

A few games after the Orr/Bourque incident, Orr sucker punched a Bruins player in much the same way (think it was McQuaid). You'll need to allow for that in your explanation...
I don't want us to hijack this great thread (training camp), but...explanations, arguments over all this has been done in the TOUGH THREAD (or whatever it was called...that thread never ever ends!!!!

I'm going to hope that Parros, White, or Tarnasky can stop Orr from giving sucker punches (especially Parros) to our Bourques (and going after our Pleks...this should never ever happen again).

But, IF Parros can't be there vs the Leaves...I want Tarnasky there (with White). It's up to the coach to put Parros and/or Tarnasky and White on the ice at the same time as Orr (or any other Leaf goon).

IF I'm the can bet your sweet *** that I'm putting Parros and/or Tarnasky (with White) out there whenever Orr or any other Leaf goon is out there. Orr is only there to start **** or injure. That's why Pleks and/or Bourque (or Briere or Galchy or Gally) should never be out there when a Leaf goon is out there. Common sense (coaching 101...of course you can put Gallagher out there so he can skate circles around Orr and score!! just have to watch your back after since Orr will come after you to sucker punch you).

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Back to training camp talk:
Like someone else wrote (smart guy!)...I'm also loving our depth (and depth can also make you go far in playoffs).

<Tinordi (2013? 2014? I'm betting he's a sure bet for 2014 playoffs)
<Nygren (2013? 2014? he may be the reason if Diaz or Markov are traded at the deadline?)
<Beaulieu (end of season 2014? 2014 playoffs? or 2014-2015)
<Drewiske (not sure when he will get ice-time, but still good for #8-9 depth, but may as well have signed him to the NHL minimum for two yrs?! but I'll still hope there is some Gorges-the-warrior in him...the 'ol Gorges, not the one from last season).

<Leblanc (pressure's on for this season, but I still believe in LL)
<Thomas (2013? or 2014?)
<Bournival (2013 or 2014?)
<Collberg (2014 playoffs? or 2014-2015?)
<Hudon (2014-2015? 2015 playoffs? I'd be surprised to see him in the 2014 Hab playoffs?! after his junior season is done...).
<Dumont (not sure where he fits anymore? maybe too small for our 4th line? but I'll try to remain positive about Dumont...maybe he has an extra gear this year?).

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