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Originally Posted by Kurt Russell Crowe View Post
Many international sports organizations(IOC, UEFA, FIFA, The FA etc.), leagues(NHL, NFL, NBA, CHL etc.), clubs(Bruins, Canadiens, Patriots etc.) and athletes(Michael Phelps etc.) have fast-food chains as major partners.

Like I said, Subway should be a great partner for Liiga; they are massive, absolutely everywhere these days and have a great, fresh brand image.

I mean, the alcohol industry/breweries are by far the biggest sponsors of Finnish hockey at the moment, and you have a problem with Liiga teaming up with a fast-food chain...?
Let's just say that I find obesity/ fast food to be one of the biggest problems our society is facing health wise right now, and even more so in the future. It's just that these days so many people are fat that it's not yet okay to rip on them like it is socially accepted to rip on smokers and people who do drugs or drink alcohol.

Fast food industry is the tobacco industry of our time. Hence my opinion about the league name.

But this is going a bit off topic now.

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