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09-12-2013, 04:29 AM
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The more he buries it, the less he talks about it, the more I believe it wasn't any of the personal problem type of situations commonly surmised. If it was drugs or depression or a break-up or homesick or family problems or whatever...why still hide it? Someone who really wanted to project the inner strength, mental wherewithal, and self-confidence that Paul implies in those quotes would not let themselves be apparently bothered by their past such that they can't confront it. Talking about those problems is often a key part of healing/conquering them. Keeping them secret versus preferring people know the truth costs more in the long run than its worth.

Nobody has right nor reason to really question him on it further than he's willing to say.

What if it was a little more of a 'professional' nature than anyone really realizes?

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