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Here's what I remember from the sotu..... (this is're welcome )

Management side:
-Very impressed with Forsberg, Sissions, Salomaki from the rookie tournament. Forsberg looked like he could play in top 6 right away. Other 2 look like they could play games sometime this year or next.
-Usually the road to Nashville goes through Milwaukee, but maybe this year they have a detour and go straight to Nashville for Forsberg and Jones.
-Watson is starting to fill out into more of a mans body. Jones has a mans body already.
-Poile and his staff had 4 points they wanted to address this summer. By some miracle they landed Jones and got the top 4 dman they were looking for for free. Hutton was a situation where they're really trusting their scouts and other coaches, he's developed a relationship with Mitch Korn already.
-All players that had surgery (Wilson, Gaustad, Bourque, Rinne) have been cleared to return to action. Will take it slow with Rinne and not likely to play in the first few preseason games.

-We're going to have some good rivals. "I've already made some people in Minnesota mad. I'm going after everyone this year. If you want to play the Preds, you're going to pay a price. We're going to play Predators hockey. If someone punches us in the nose we're going to punch them right back." To which Pete Weber said, "You've just seen the transformation of Barry Trotz to Steve Spurrier." ...The ole hockey coach!
-Said Nystrom and Fiddler never shutup when they played against the Preds and hopefully now Nystrom can give some of that back against Dallas and other teams.
-This will probably be the youngest group of defensemen we've ever had. They will really have to be coached, but with some time they should be a really good, solid group. Housley will work directly with the defense.
-No set number of games for Rinne. If he's healthy he'll play, but they want to make sure he's healthy going into the season.
-Said Stalberg was a guy that has the potential to be a top player, but just hasn't yet and hopefully with a bigger role and more ice time he can fulfill that role here.
-If he had to pick right this second, his shootout choices would be Smith, Cullen, Hendricks.
-When talking to Stalberg and other non-Preds, none of them understood the TV-timeout standing ovation. All they knew was that they couldn't hear themselves on the bench and they just stood looking around at the crowd. The Predators players/coaches get fired up every time. They may be at the end of the tank but when they get that ovation, it fires them up and they dig a little bit more!!

-Goal is to make Bridgestone Arena the #1 sports and entertainment venue in North America. Currently top 5.
-When built, the arena was really nice, but it's over 15 years old and needs refreshed. The only thing they had really done in 15 years was the new videoboard. Gradually upgrading things like carpet, concession choices.
-Upgrading the marquee outside. Putting a big video board up there. They may actually show the games on there, too (mostly for playoffs, but maybe for regular season, too). Henry said it will be better than the "light bright" thing they have now.
-The back entrance will in essence become the side entrance. It will have a bigger plaza with big video boards. If a big event is going on at the MCC they might show the keynote speaker on the board.
-Restaurant/pub being built in there. And a new proshop that will be accessible from the outside and everyday of the week. If you haven't been past the arena lately, drive by the back. The back door and small plaza area is completely torn up. There is a big wall there right now blocking all the construction from the inside of the arena. If you usually go inside the arena from the back entrance I don't know if that will be open in time for any games coming up. I mean, it's a big mess back there! The sidewalk it partially closed as well.
-Working with MCC for parking deal. Preds don't get money from that, it's just a deal for fans.
-As our building sells out more, our TV ratings have doubled over the last 3 years. We're working up to all 82 games being on TV, but this year we're up to 74(?) and all in HD. All games will be on 102.5 radio.
-They want gold to be our brand and be EVERYWHERE. They're painting more gold inside the arena. Jokingly said they did a deal with Metro to use Predator gold on their school buses and with TDOT to use Predator gold as the center lines on roads.
-When they did the ticket deal for getting the red out, they did it for our fans. Henry got emails from Chicago fans that basically cussed him out and told him what to do and where/who to do it with. Henry/Preds don't really care what Chicago fans think. They're not doing things for out of town visitors to come down for a weekend, they're doing things for PREDATORS fans.
-The plan may deter some fans but not others. And if Chicago fans come and buy the extra game tickets then that's just more tickets sold to some other games.
-The team holds a certain amount of tickets every game for the visiting team players. The team can sell those at any price. Cogan joked that any tickets for Philly players will be $14 million each, lol.
-We'll have a gold carpet again. And this time it will be left up for fans to walk in on every game. They want other teams and visiting fans to know YOU ARE IN SMASHVILLE!!!

Cigarran -
-No firm confirmation has been given, but it has bee intimated that an All-Star game could be in Nashville within 3 years.
-Should be a major announcement with the SEC and arena in the next week (seems pretty obvious what it could be).
-When asked if the team could be profitable with a payroll near/at the cap he said it could. While we aren't yet, the current trajectory of the franchise and revenues makes it possible.
-The new cba did change some of the revenue sharing. It made it more fixed. It actually increased for us. Not by anything significant, but it is a slight bit more. Revenue sharing won't make or break the Predators. We will gladly accept it, but it's not what will determine if the Preds succeed or fail. Tickets and sponsorships will determine that.

-First fan question was about addressing scoring. Fisher replied, "Scoring?"...then said shoot more, get the PP back to #1.
-Weber told tale of deep sea fishing and catching a 300lb marlin. It took a few hours to get it into the boat.
-Fisher then told of how he was VICIOUSLY ATTACKED by a chipmunk. Stu Grimson said his rodent hunting tools were usually a tennis racket or baseball bat. Fisher said if his wife wasn't home, he probably would have used those as well instead of his bare hand. But he underestimated how fast and strong the chipmunk was.
-Nystrom can't wait to play against Dallas and Minnesota.
-Weber said he likes playing against Crosby. Said he's the best player in the world and if you're not on your game Crosby can make you look silly and foolish.
-Fisher said some teammates in Ottawa used to call him "Meat" because he used to bring in meat of the animals he hunted for his teammates to eat. Sausage, venison, fish. Nystrom asked when he was going to bring any for this lockerroom and Fish said he would bring it tomorrow. Cullen looked scared, lol.
-Fisher likes realignment for new rivals and thinks it will be great for fans to see all the teams now.
-Cullen said when deciding what team to come to he wanted to come to a team that had the chance to win.
-Nystrom thinks Preds fan are awesome. Never seen a turnout like this for any other summer fan event. For all the talk about his contract, he sure acts like Nashville was his dream destination. That makes me like him a lot.

I could have had more, but I couldn't hear a few things because of the chatterbox MEN behind me. Yes men, not women, that just would not. shut. up. Even after the players panel was over and they changed seats, I could still hear them!!

If you read it all, congratulations. And have a nice day.

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