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09-12-2013, 08:58 AM
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I would start Vick. Injury potential is there, yes. Eagles could be up big and run the ball in the 2nd half too. But their offense looked too explosive last week (Giants matchup should be tough but hopefully a great game as an aside) and he is so involved. I would ride him while he's hot.

But I don't like Wilson vs San Fran. Like you said San Fran's D is obviously no joke. On the plus side the 9ers will score, so there is a good chance Seattle is throwing. But part of me wonders if they are going to go crazy heavy Marshawn to try to control the game as best as possible / keep the defense rested to contain Kaep. Seahawks got away from that a bit (what did he have 17 carries?) last week and did not look too good, in my opinion. Also Marshawn did produce against the 9ers last year.

Also factor in how your matchup looks. Do you want the upside (Vick IMO) or to play it a little safer? Is it gonna be close between you and your opponent? Need to make up ground or just hit your projection?

I'm sure I'll be wrong and this post will be fun to quote. But that's my 2 cents. Hopefully this much fantasy chatter is ok in here.

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