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09-12-2013, 08:04 AM
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I think Stepen compares favorably to Henrique and Hodgsons both who were in the same situation without arbitration rights, both signed 6 year deals.

I would not blame Stepan at all for asking for at least what those two got if not more.

No one wants to look at it from what could happen, slim chance or not, but if he signs an offer sheet it's bad for the Rangers no matter what. Any team willing to try it is going to try to structure the deal so it's as difficult as possible for the Rangers to match.

Say it's a two year deal, similar to ROR, it's going to be back loaded to increase the qualifier next time he is up for a contract. Just means everything is more expensive going forward. No savings

Say it's a longer deal, say he convinces some team to go 4 years to take him directly to UFA, no saving there either.

Rangers are gambling, the odds may be small but the longer this goes on the greater the odds become. Would some other team have a problem demoting their versions of Powe, Asham, Pyatt when they are allowed to so they can make enough space for a Stepan offer sheet? What if one of their players becomes seriously injured, in camp how about then?

If the holdout goes all the way to the start of the season once the cap overage goes away, that would be a good time for a team to pull an offer sheet. Rangers would have an even tougher time matching then without the overage cushion while still being able to ice enough forwards with the injuries they have.

Right now I speculate the only reason it has not happened is two part, one other teams are leery of making an offer because the timing is not right or they do not have the need, and Stepan wants to work something out with the Rangers. Either of those things change it's quite possible Stepan gets fed up and uses his leverage.

All that so the Rangers can stick to their "plan"

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