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Originally Posted by zetterberg40 View Post
The fact that Clenending, Petrovic, Lazar and Wilson are not on the list, a top 100 prospects list, is pretty bad. 2 of the following could make their opening night rosters (yet somehow that doesnt qualify them as a top 100 prospect? I cannot see how players could be better then those making the leap), one could push for call up duty while the other was a recently top 20 draft pick.
Are you serious? Just because you are NHL ready doesn't make you a top100 list. Otherwise Tampa must have: Johnson, Panik, Drouin, Palat, Gudas, Barberio, Brown and Sustr just because they are NHL ready and have all top6/ top4 upside. Along with most likely Kucherov, Naemstnikov, Vasilevskiy, Erne and Koekkoek due to their talent level.

So this would be 13 prospects just from Tampa. And that is just plain simple stupid. NHL readiness is IMO a really really small factor in a top100.

In reality (only) 9 of those guys above will be on the list IMO (I have not seen the list), but knowing his evaluation of our prospects Panik, Gudas, Brown and Palat will not be on the list, the rest will.

So calm down and accept that different people will always have different opinion. And in general I really like Coreys work, as he never goes with the consensus, but with his own opinion. And looking back at drafts a few years ago if he would ran a team draft he would have been pretty successful (for example pretty much everybody of his 2011 top30 is panning out quit nicely and non of them as anything close to bust written over them yet).
A lot of teams would have been really really proud if he would have ran their 2011 draft, because based on his list he would have drafted quit a lot of good players whereever he picked, because he was a lot higher on some players than others that have made huge steps. Eventhough he missed on some others a little bit.

@Corey: I would really appreciate if you could share your thoughts on Alex Killorn. I know he is no longer eligebile for your list, but IMO he has already reached your protjection for him as a solid top6 forward. So I would really like to know what you think he has of a ceiling now or if you say he is not the top6 forward yet I am making him to be and you stay with your projection.
And it would also be really nice, if you could rank him within the Lightning prospects. I know your list of them from this summer so a number would be enough.

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