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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
I would've (had I been Coaching TC) pulled the entire team off the ice & gone to the dressing room, ordered the players to change, headed back to the hotel, packed it up & left the country ASAP. Forfeit the game & the series in protest & disgust.... Parise' Id have benched (and if he had struck him make no mistake, Criminal Charges, book prolly thrown at him). Yanked his ticket. Any player or Coach, official who threatens to or does actually assault a Ref or Linesman no matter how bent or blind they might or might not be has to go. If in 72 Sinden felt it would be impossible to play under Kompalla and TC was getting shafted (and of course we know the story on that), again, pull the team off the ice, pack it in.... Id have no problem playing hardball like that & damn the consequences, ramifications, accusations of being "quitters" or whatever. Playing on a slanted sheet of ice? Forget it.
I have often felt that if I was Billy Harris I would have pulled my team of the ice in Game 6. And we would not have gone back out there until Dombrowski walked me though the rule book and explained his call against Bruce MacGregor, based on the rule book. And if he wouldn't explain the call then we'd leave. I realize Team Canada and the WHA would have been branded as "quitters" but Dombrowski was an out and out cheat. No matter how well Team Canada played Dombowski wasn't going to let them win that game.

Craig Wallace

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