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Originally Posted by Iron Duke View Post
Been a Center Ice subscriber up til last year and am facing the same choice.

Bit of a conundrum though. We've cut our TV package down to the bare bones, since we don't watch all that much, but it makes the sports thing problematic. Now I won't have any problems with Preds games for CI or GCL, but I'd have no access to Kings or Ducks games because they are all 2nd tier programming, and NBC Sports is 3rd tier, so no national telecasts either. I really wish they would do something with the blackouts. I can sort of understand it with Center Ice being a TV package, but I don't feel there's a good enough reason for GCL to not give complete access to every game, regardless of area.

So I'm trying to figure out:



2nd tier for half a year for Kings/Ducks


3rd tier for half a year for NBCS

There has to be a better way. I could be buying season tickets for what it'll cost me to watch hockey for the year.
I know there are programs out there to change your IP address to somewhere in Wyoming via a VPN to get around the blackout rules for GCL... Will require some research on your part however and seems to be options on multiple platforms (Roku, XBox, PS3, etc.).

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