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09-12-2013, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by deeshamrock View Post
I'm sure he has concerns about Kopitar, and any of this elite players, but he's certainly not going to air that laundry publically by telling it to a reporter. ANything he felt needed to be addressed like maybe the latter part of the year and his offensive slump in the playoffs, would have been done privately ,as it should be.

DL was smart enough to recognize Kopitar's potential and his full game growing and the pressure he would be under as the star player on a team that was gearing up to be an elite team. Trading for Richards and Carter and those affordable CAP hits was huge, great moves. That took (and I've read interviews with Kopitar where he's said this) a lot of pressure off of Kopitar and going forward , will allow him to relax and hit his full stride.

He's an elite forward, a powerhouse of a center who was clearly disappointed in his post season play and that should provide some fuel for him going forward.
And I think the new additions to the team will help as well. IF the Kings get some more production from the 2nd and 3rd lines with the new additions, that's less pressure for Kopitar and that should help.

For those who think he is letting Anze off easy, watch this video around the 8:15 mark

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