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Originally Posted by dwanmaster View Post
First of all he played for St.Louis Park in 2011, and when they started not doing good he went off to play for some Major Bantam team. Then the next offseason, he got a ton of hype for switching schools to Benilde and everyone was saying that this would be the best high school team of all-time with Besse and Naas and all of those guys. Then Benilde started faultering mid-season and Baer started blaming people and finally just left for the WHL. If Vancouver is bad next year, things could turn sour real quick.

+ Benilde is in SLP not Minneapolis
At the risk of boring the others on this thread, I feel like you could use some serious schooling on Alec Baer's hockey past here in Minnesota. There isn't a single accurate sentence in your post...

2008-2011: 97 Wisconsin Fire (Tier-1) - Played 4 or 5 seasons with them, and then the team folded.

2011-12: St. Louis Park HS (MNHSL) - Planning to attend Benilde-St. Margaret's for high school, he had an opportunity as an 8th-grader to play a season with his older brother on this team, and for his hometown. You state the team started not doing well? Under new Head Coach Shjon Podein, the program had a record-season turnaround, going 18-6-3 (2-23 the prior season.) It was a dream season for the program. Baer never left the team as you state, as any hockey DB will show.

And there was no "off-season hype" on Baer switching schools, as you suggest, because he never switched schools. Baer played on this HS team as Junior High student, and then enrolled at his planned high school.

2012-13: Benilde-St. Margaret's (MNHSL) - This team never faulted as you say, they went to our beloved state tournament. Baer was invited to see a Vancouver Giants game, over a non-playing weekend 2/3rds through the season, and was kicked off his team for it. Punished for even considering a future option outside of the State of Hockey. Common knowledge down here. He never left unhappy for the WHL (he was "blaming people"? ) Baer was left with no team or playing options under MNHS eligibility rules, so he signed with the Vancouver Giants.

Your post respectfully dwanmaster, is filled with nonsense.

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