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09-12-2013, 12:17 PM
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1. Great team names.
2. I generally like your team a lot.
3. Projections for Richardson and Garçon look aggressive. Andre Johnson has upside to that number but its not totally unfair if they are killing clock in the 2nd half. And Forte also has upside on his squad.
3. Like Edleman a lot this week. Brady likes him and I assume Jets will put Cromartie on Thompkins. I'm sure Jet fans would know better.
4. I would still probably start Vick. You're still playing a darn good team and will likely need 110+ to win. I believe Vick has more upside this week. If the Eagles do wind up being up big (limiting Vick's throws and fantasy points) it will be because of him or Shady (who you have). And if they run the ball more Shady will benefit. So in a way McCoy is a nice hedge for you. Went over my thoughts on Wilson before.

I could be 1000% wrong because its fantasy football but that is what I would do.
Thanks buddy. I always like having a second opinion. I'm going to see whos out there on waiver as well.

Think I should stick with the Bears ? I kinda like the Chiefs too.

Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Be careful with Roddy White. His ankle is in bad shape - Atlanta has all but admitted hes out theres as a decoy.
I know I am waiting for the official word. I fell for it last week. They said he was in, out, and in again, but did nothing. I'm watching him pretty close.

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