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09-12-2013, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by krnboy1009 View Post
It will immensely improve commute experience for NJT and Amtrak passengers and oh, LIRR.
Originally Posted by li7039 View Post
It won't improve until they expand track space. You could have the nicest station in the word but if the infrastructure doesn't change your just going to have the couple thousand commuters waiting by TV monitors surrounded by marble. Trains still won't be able to be posted more than 10 or so minutes before departure, and you'll still have each railroads customers crammed into one part of the station. The LIRR trains will still leave from 13-21, and NJT/Amtrak will still share the rest of them. If your planning on seeing commuting numbers increase as well I hope the LIRR has some sort of plan to deal with larger crowds. Those 12 car trains aren't going to cut it if crowds grow by 5% or more.
And not for nothing, but it would be mainly NYC taxpayers paying so that outsiders can have nicer digs (Long Islanders & ppl from New Jersey mainly who ride those trains)

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