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09-12-2013, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Hiesenberg View Post
Holmgren could only guarantee a PTO. If Cleary rips his achillies tomorrow, Holmgren isn't going to give him any deal. As of last night, Cleary had a PTO and a 1 year/1.75M contract option. He took the guaranteed money + staying in DET.

I fully believe that if Holmgren wasn't hamstrung by the cap, Cleary would be at Flyers camp with a 3 year deal.

Had there been Cap Space for 2013 I honest believe also that Homer could have bested the one year $1.75M Detroit contract offer... However... the three year 8.25M rumored contract offer is merely that; a rumor... and we have conjecture and Homer's statement that that was not the case. Many of the ones who conjectured on the length and terms also stated that it was a done deal that could not be announced until Pronger was on LTIR and the Cap Space was obtained through the Adjustment. My point is that we have the word of the person who is responsible and said after the horse had left the barn and the deal was complete, and the conjecture of people who claimed it was a done deal... Who should we believe? The bashers will certainly point to past misleading statements made by Homer to protect potential deals and the integrity of the GM confidentiality process code... I say that at this point Homer fibbing would serve little to no purpose and he could easily avoid answering the question as many a GM has done in the past and will continue to do in the future.

What makes sense and what doesn't make sense after the fact here IMO goes a long way in trying to piece together what may or may not have happened with Cleary... I believe that both the Flyers and the Wings think highly of Cleary and wanted him and Detroit got him while we fans got fed a lot of baloney.

I also believe that the Red Wings fans will now readdress their statements of Cleary being washed up and welcome him with open arms as they brag how their GM stole him out from under the Flyers grasp and got him at a downright bargain.

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