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Originally Posted by dwanmaster View Post
Benilde didn't make it to the tourney... Wayzata beat them and Besse was whining to the refs the entire game. And they were easily the most hyped high school hockey team of all time.
Correction noted. They were upset in the section finals. But this was a 20-5 team that everyone expected to be defending their title at the state tournament. What player would pick up and leave, so close to experiencing this chance of a lifetime in MN hockey. It's the dream of every high school player, and defies logic.

Baer was kicked off his team, "for visiting a Major Junior program." That is a quote from the coach of BSM, who is also head of the MN coaches association, Ken Pauly. It was a political decision in an ongoing battle between Minnesota hockey, and competing non-NCAA interests outside our state.

To spin this and say Baer left the team light of the coach boldly admitting he was kicked off for attending a WHL game, is a complete lie.

Minnesota has a notorious online board for High School Hockey, where players like Besse and Baer can get regularly misrepresented by people like you. And those who look at other non-NCAA opportunities are regularly crucified. Your recent posts would fit in perfect there. It's a place where the Minnesota hockey bubble of ego-inflated everything, can truly be experienced!

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