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Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post
The actual league will start late September when hopefully most people interested will have the game. Not completely sure on rules yet - which is why I want to try the beta now - but ideally we'll do some sort of random team distribution to be fair.

So far I'm thinking:

League Ends in 5 seasons
Gives people a better idea how far into the future to look when making deals. Each season takes 1 month and brings us to March when people usually stop playing. We can start a new one if enough activity.

Sim every 3 days + All Games Playable
The inevitable missed games will essentially be the 'simmed' portion of the season.

No Injuries
Too unpredictable

No waivers
NHL 13 taught me that teams can lose some of their best young players due to ai being silly...we lost a couple GMs due to this so I think there's no harm in turning off waivers in a 5 year dynasty.

Trade Limit
I think the trade limit we had, aka 'Avim rule', is worth keeping. I think it was around 5/season

4 minute Periods
Personally thought this helped people who can only play late nights get their games in. We can go as low as 3 minute periods now...which I personally wouldn't mind.

Hopefully we can eventually go back to the NHL13 gmco forum which was pretty active when the league was going strong:
will it be random teams?

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